Maggie Minhong WANG
The University of Hong Kong
Maggie Minhong Wang is Professor and Director of the Laboratory for Knowledge Management & E-Learning in the Faculty of Education, The University of Hong Kong. She is the Editor-in-Chief of Knowledge Management & E-Learning (indexed in ESCI). Her research focus is on technology-enhanced learning, complex problem solving, knowledge management, and artificial intelligence applications. She is also Eastern Scholar Chair Professor at East China Normal University and Visiting Research Professor at the Advanced Innovation Center for Future Education of Beijing Normal University. More details can be found at
Rethinking Education in the Age of AI and Big Data
The world of education is currently undergoing a massive transformation as a result of the digital revolution. Rapid advances in artificial intelligence and big data are starting to show their benefits and applications to a wide range of educational needs. AI-based applications are helping learners by empowering smart learning content, immediate feedback, intelligent learning support, and adaptive interaction with virtual and social environments. Meanwhile, educational data have been generated at an unprecedented pace. The emerging highly flexible and scalable approaches to big data processing and analysis allow us to extract new insights and meaningful information to benefit learners, educators, and the whole education ecosystem. The collision of three areas – AI, big data and education – is set to have far-reaching consequences, raising fundamental questions about the nature of education: what is taught and how it is taught. This talk will discuss how recent advances in AI and big data may impact on education in various aspects and how human and technology can work together to shape the future of education.
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